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Ultimate Fort Bragg Trivia Quiz

Where is Ft. Bragg located?

By population, Ft Bragg is the

Who is Ft Bragg named after?

Bragg was originally set up to train

What's the name of the airfield located on base?

What year was Camp Bragg established?

Who campaigned to stop Camp Bragg from being closed after the War Department issued orders to close it?

What is located on base and is also part of the National Register of Historic Places?

The population of Fort Bragg increased by how much during WWII?

Which of these units did not train at Fort Bragg during WWII?

After WWII, what Unit became the largest stationed at Fort Bragg?

When training cannot take place it's usually because of

What percentage of the Fort Bragg area is water?

How large is Fort Bragg?

How many amazing, freedom loving, badass patriots are stationed at Fort Bragg?