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The United States of America is the greatest country on earth.

America stands as a beacon of Liberty and Freedom, a place where individuals and families can get a fair shake and an opportunity to create wealth and happiness.  The Western Values established in the Constitution provide Americans the best protection from tyranny and oppression.  America isn’t perfect.  But it’s damn close.

AmericaIsSoGreat.com celebrates this great nation.  We highlight the people who made it great, as well as give a shout-out to those who are making it greater still.

For the last decade there has been a movement to down-play the greatness of America, to act as if this nation doesn’t offer anything unique to the world.  AmericaIsSoGreat.com fights this idea.

Heroes, inventors, unique locations, special events in history – AISG will cover them all.

THE GOAL:  A website that builds a sense of patriotism in every individual in the USA.

AISG is a red pill distribution machine

Imagine you are having an argument with someone on social media.  If you provide them with sound, logical facts - they will probably reject them because the person is too emotional.

But sending them a trivia quiz on the topic allows them to educate themselves and learn ​if they really know the subject.

The next time someone on facebook thinks they know gun control, imagine sending them a trivia quiz on the topic that has the actual facts.

AISG is for you too, as it's an easy way to educate yourself on why America is amazing.  It's one thing to think America is ​great, it's another thing to know it.

This is why your support is important.  With your support, AISG can educate more Americans on what makes this country so great.

​Your Support Gives You Special Access

When the idea for AmericaIsSoGreat.com came up I was already working on multiple training programs for different projects.  Because I want to focus 100% of my time on AISG, I have decided to package all the programs together for those who want to support this cause.

​America is stronger when individuals become better educated in key areas such as leadership, personal finance, and staying healthy.  The training programs offered by AISG are a great start and as the site continues to grow, so will the amount of training programs offered.

Your support gives you access to the training courses and it gives AmericaIsSoGreat.com the opportunity to educate more people.  The more supporters there are, the more interesting the training courses will become.

Leadership Training

​The Leadership series offers 3 different courses.  Each one improves your leadership skills.  Discover ​the traits that turn you into a great leader.  Here are the courses available:

  • ​Leadership and Authority
  • ​The Organized Mind
  • ​The Power of Discipline

Motivation Training

The Motivation Series offers 3 separate courses that focus on you achieving your goals.  These courses set you on the right track and make it easy to plan out success:

  • ​Tackle Procrastination
  • ​Goal Setting
  • ​Develop Successful Habits

Get Healthy and Fit

​Be beach-body ready by ​losing weight and building muscle.  Better yet, discover how to eat better and feel great.  These 3 courses are a great start on a health and fitness journey:

  • ​Hypertrophy (muscle building) Manual
  • ​Running Manual
  • ​Clean Eating
  • Stress Management (coming soon)

Take Control of your Money

​The budgeting and finances courses are designed to help you create a simple budget and motivate you to keep it.  You can rest easy knowing you ​have control of your money.  Here are the 3 courses available:

  • ​Personal Budgeting
  • ​Family Finances
  • ​Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Find Entrepreneurial Success

​Ready to start your own business, but not sure where to start?  These courses can get you on your way with valuable tips to make your business dreams a reality:

  • ​Entrepreneurial Success
  • ​Maintaining a Healthy Business for a Healthy Life

​Future Plans

​Here's the improvement plan for what will be added as we reach membership goals:

100 Supporters:  Interactive state maps will be added.  Also, the minimum amount of new trivia will be increased to 2 a day (until we hit our goal of 1000). ​

​200 Supporters: ​Development will begin on a new training course for how to take on your local government: How to hold municipalities/HOAs responsible and make sure the politicians fear the people, not the other way around.

​300 Supporters: A training program on the US Constitution will begin to be developed.  The ​training will give you the ability to win debates ​on the Constitution.

​400 Supporters:  More trivia will be produced at a faster rate, with 3 new trivia coming out every day until we reach 1000.


If in the first 7 days of your membership you feel like you're not getting your money's worth, then cancel and I'll refund you back 100% of your money.  I take on all the risk so that you don't have to.