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South Carolina

South Carolina is known as

In 1788, South Carolina became which state to ratify the Constitution?

By population, South Carolina is ranked

Who is South Carolina named after?

What is the capital of South Carolina?

How far back does human history go in South Carolina?

When Europeans arrived, what was the predominant native tribe?

What was the native population estimated to be?

Who were the first Europeans to arrive in the area?

The first European settlement in the Contiguous United States was established in South Carolina. It was called

After natives attacked the colony, about 100 African slaves revolted, making it the first rebellion in the area of the US

The 100 African slaves escaped and joined the nearby native tribe, making them the first settlers in what would become the United States

After the American Revolution, South Carolina was the _______ to ratify the Articles of Confederation

By 1800, how much of the South Carolina population were slaves?

South Carolina started the American Civil War by attacking

The United States has 6 Senior Military Colleges. What is the name of the one in South Carolina?

The first Catholic Mass in the Contiguous US was held in South Carolina.

Who led the US Army in a raid on South Carolina during the American Civil War, which led to the liberation of 800 slaves?

What is the name of the freed African slaves that created a community in the Low Country of South Carolina and preserved many of their African traditions?

How many major league teams (NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.) are in South Carolina?