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North Carolina State Trivia

North Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies

North Carolina is directly south of

NC is the ______ most populous state in the US

What is the capital of North Carolina?

_________________ is the highest point in North America East of the Mississippi River

How many people live in North Carolina today?

Which famous pirate ran his flagship, Queen Anne's Revenge, into the ground on the coast of North Carolina?

The first English child born in North America was born in what is now North Carolina. Her name was

North and South Carolina were once a single territory called the

After the Civil War, how did Democrats retake North Carolina's government positions?

What paramilitary organization allied with the Democrat Party suppressed black voting?

The first sustained flight occured in North Carolina by

A WW2 ________ was named after the state and served in the Pacific theater. Now that it is decommissioned it is part of a memorial in Wilmington.

The North Carolina state bird is the

The state flower is the