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Mary Fields


What did indians call Mary?

How did Mary Fields win her freedom from slavery?

What brought Mary to Montana from Ohio?

Where did Mary work as a forewoman: hauling freight, doing laundry, growing vegitables, and repairing buildings?

What did Mary like to drink?

Why was Mary kicked out of the convent?

When Mary opened her own restaurant it closed down within 10 months. Why?

Mary got an official contract to

How old was Mary when she won the contract?

Mary never once missed a mail delivery, and delivered mail by snowshoe if her wagon couldn't make it through the snow

What was her mule's name?

What did the people of Cascade do to Mary?

What did the people of Cascade call Mary?

What Highschool sports team was Mary a supporter of?

Mary could

A schoolgirl once wrote an essay about Marry saying "She drinks whiskey, and she swears, and she is a republican, which makes her a low, foul creature."

Who wrote "Born a slave somewhere in Tennessee, Mary lived to become one of the freest souls ever to draw a breath, or a .38."