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Jackie Robinson

Who was Jackie Robinson?

When was Robinson born?

Which state was the birthplace of Robinson?

Robinson's middle name was in honor of which president, who died 25 days before Robinson was born?

While at UCLA, which sport did Robinson get a varsity letter for?

What degree did Robinson graduate with?

After being drafted into the Army in WWII, what rank did Robinson achieve?

Robinson spent most of his military career fighting a court marshal because he

After being honorably discharged, Robinson played _______ for the Los Angeles Bulldogs

Robinson was the first black man since the 1880's to play for the International League. Which team did he play for?

What did Robinson do in his debut game?

After the season was over, Robinson played professional ________ for the Los Angeles Red Devils.

Robinson was the first black man to be signed for a Major League team. Who signed him?