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Irish Americans

Complete this Irish ballad, "The Green Fields of America": So pack up your sea-stores, consider no longer, Ten dollars a week is not very bad pay, With no ________ or tithes to devour up your wages, When you're on the green fields of Americay.

In 2013, how many Americans claimed Irish ancestry?

The Irish who came from the Province of Ulster are referred to as the

In the 1800's, Irish immigrants to the US experienced prejudice largely because they

Who said "half the rebel Continental Army were from Ireland"?

Who was the first Irish American to become President of the US?

John England, a Catholic Bishop in South Carolina, set up free schools for

During the Civil War, Irish Americans in the south supported the Confederacy

During the Civil War the Union Army recruited Irish right off the docks in which their ships from Ireland arrived.

The Irish who immigrated to the US in the 1800's faced disease and poor conditions on their voyage. Their ships became known as

In 1910 New York City had more Irish than the entire population of