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Garlin Murl Conner

Where was Garlin Murl Conner born?

Which war did Conner serve in?

Which branch of the Military did Conner serve in?

What was his job?

How any of his brothers also served in WWII?

What rank did he hold?

How many Silver Stars was he awarded?

How many times was he awarded the Purple Heart?

How many Bronze Stars did Conner earn?

Conner volunteered to run 400 yards through “an intense concentration of enemy artillery” to do what?

The above allowed Connor to

When Connor's position was about to be overrun, his comander told him to leave. What did Connor do?

While continuing to hold the position, how many Germans did Connor kill with return fire?

For this action, Connor received the

In 2018 it was announce that the above award would be upgraded to the Medal of Honor

Garlin Murl Conner is considered to be the second most decorated US soldier of WWII