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This state is the best peninsula in the world

The word "Florida" is

What is Florida's state capital?

What is Florida's state bird?

Which of these Indians were NOT largely in Florida in the 16th century?

Who was the first European explorer to visit Florida?

Why is the St. Augustine settlement important?

How did the British gain control of Florida?

What side did Floridians largely take in the American Revolution?

Which of these is not true?

How many feral pigs are suspected of living in Florida?

Which of these animals does not live in Florida?

Florida seceded from the US in the Civil War. How many troops did they offer the Confederacy and how many major engagements were fought in Florida?

After the Civil War and after Reconstruction, why did 1/5th of the Black population move away?

What is Florida's knickname?

What percentage of the population lives within 10 miles of the coastline?

Florida's GDP is the _______ largest in the US