What is AISG?

A full description of this site can be be found on the About page.

Will you use Patreon?

Patreon has shown that it is willing to silence people/groups that the company disagrees with.  Because of this, my opinion is that working with Patreon would be like building a house on sand rather than on rock.  Luckily, I have experience with membership style websites so setting up a membership on AmericaIsSoGreat.com was not a problem.

The main benefit to using Patreon is that people are more familiar with it.  To make up for any unfamiliarity I've made it super easy to cancel if you are a supporter.  Simply click here.

How often will you be adding new content?

Weekly, almost daily.  If I could, I would add to the site every single hour.  The more people who support the website the more content will be created.  When we hit 100 members I'll post at least 2 new trivia daily (or go back and improve 2 not-so-great ones).

Can I change my supporter level?

Absolutely.  Raise or lower your supporter level inside your profile here (after signing in).

What happens if I cancel my membership/support?

The Communists win.

But in all seriousness, your subscription and access continues until the time period is over.  So if you sign up on January 1st and cancel on January 2nd, then you'll still have access to everything your level of membership has to offer until the time period is up.

When can I cancel support?

Whenever you want.  There's no hard feelings if you wish to end your support.  But if you are a supporter and wish to leave, at least let me know how I could have improved the site for you.

Can we make our own trivia quizzes for AISG?

The ability to do this easily is being worked on.  But for the future, Yes.  There will also be polls for supporters to take to help guide the direction of which topics will be done in the future.

Will you create a forum for members/supporters?

No.  Head over to The_Donald, they're making America greater more than any other forum could.