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President Donald Trump Trivia Quiz

Donald Trump is the _____ President of the United States

Where was Trump born?

How many opponents did he beat in the 2016 Presidential primaries?

Whom did Trump win the Presidential election against?

Trump is ______ out of 5 siblings

Which high school did he go to?

What did Trump get a bachelor's degree in?

Where did he graduate from?

How many children does Trump have?

Trump prefers to drink Irish whiskey rather than wine

He doesn't drink alcohol at all.

His career was in

In the late 90's, Trump owned 50% of which building?

Whom did Donald Trump wrestle to the ground in a feat of mastery?

What was the name of Trump's daily talk radio program?

In 1987 Trump spent nearly $100,000 to place ads in newspapers criticising the nation's Defense Policy. The headline read "There's nothing wrong with America's Defense Policy that _________ can't cure."

How many Electoral Votes did Trump win in the 2016 Presidential Election?

How many Honorary Degrees does he have?

Trump mostly wants to Make America __________ Again