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Cherokee Trivia

Prior to the 18th century, the Cherokee were located in what is now the ____________ United States

In 2017, how many federally recognized Cherokee tribes are there?

Which of the 3 tribes of modern Cherokee are decendants of people who refused to relocate?

Where is the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians located?

By the 18th century the Cherokee were considered as one of the _______ Civilized Tribes.

The Cherokee language is based on Iroquoian language

Which of the Cherokee indians below received the Medal of Honor for throwing himself on a grenade to protect other soldiers in his company?

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The Iroquois referred to the Cherokee as

How many tribal members do the Cherokee have?

How many people claimed Cherokee ancestry on the US census?

In the 1700's the Cherokee allowed the _________ to build forts in their territory to protect them from the _________

Whose side did the Cherokee take at the start of the French and Indian War?

What did Sequoyah do?

What is the name of the event in which the US Government forced the Cherokee to relocate?