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Benedict Arnold: Patriot or Traitor?

Benedict Arnold was a general in the American Revolution who fought for

Which war did Arnold participate in at the age of 16?

How long was Arnold involved in his first war?

Arnold grew up in and established himself in

Besides being a bookseller, what else did Arnold do?

Arnold established a woman in charge of his one of his businesses

His sister, who was the only other surviving sibling out of 6 children.

When a British sea captain called Arnold a "damned Yankee, destitute of good manners or those of a gentleman", what did Arnold do?

Where did the above incident take place?

What secret organization did Benedict Arnold join after the release of the Sugar Act and Stamp Act?

While away on a voyage, Arnold wrote "good God, are the Americans all asleep and tamely giving up their liberties, or are they all turned philosophers, that they don't take immediate vengeance on such miscreants?" What event was he talking about?

Arnold began the American Revolution in Connecticut's militia as a

Along with Ethan Allen, what did Arnold capture without anyone firing a single shot?

Who gained most of the credit for the above capture?

How did Arnold gain the rank of Brigadier General?

The British Navy, the largest and most powerful navy in the world, was about to take over Lake Champlain. What did Arnold do?

Why was Arnold initionally passed over for promotion to Major General?

General Gates removed Arnold from field command after a heated shouting match following the first Battle of Saratoga. What did Benedict Arnold do?

Which British general did Arnold give secrets to and help?

Arnold switched sides and joined the British Army. After this, what did he do?

In the US, the name Benedict Arnold is now synonymous with