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For about a decade now there has been a large push to down-play the greatness of the USA, to act as if the USA doesn't offer anything exceptional compared to all the other countries of the world.  This is unfortunate because the US offers so much.  Americans experience Liberty and Freedom on a level that few in the world, in the history of the world, have ever experienced. was created to answer the quest: What makes America so great?

Primary Goal

The primary goal of this website is to educate people on how unique and special these United States are.

We're going to keep all of the trivia quizzes free for everyone to access.  The intention is to keep things fun, yet informative.  Ultimately, we want to build a sense of patriotism in every American.


We'll be going through different growing phases:

  • Phase 1: Create tons of trivia quizzes
  • Phase 2: Revise and improve the established trivia with pictures and better writing
  • Phase 3: Build and offer detailed courses for higher level training

Right now all the trivia quizzes are short and easy.  As the popularity of AISG takes off there will be full courses made available that will offer in-depth learning experiences related to the US, citizenship, and leadership.

How can you help AISG?

First, share your quiz results with your friends and family!  Show them how much you know about the US and how much you love this awesome country.

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